Hosted Phone Systems

Its time for change

Omni works with a huge range of IP phones. 

We can either supply new handsets or our engineers can gain access to your existing phones and re-programme them to work seamlessly with our systems. Trained in many manufacturers deployments, we try to reduce as much outlay as possible to make your transition a painless one. 

Purpose built applications allowing you to see presence across your whole company, creating a better experience for both you and your customers.

Boasting CRM integration, Skype integration, Conferencing, Chat Rooms, Click to Dial, Voicemail Retrieval and much more....

Business has evolved and so has Telecoms alongside it. Omni is designed to work around you.  Whether you are a team of sales people on the road, office based or a mix of both, Omni will keep you connected.

With Video calling included into our desktop applications you can retain that team feeling whether your in London or Frankfurt. 

Voicemail to Email

Never miss a message again. When a caller leaves a voicemail, Omni can package that audio and send it to you as an email. Great for remote workers or a travelling Sales Team

Fax to Email

Get rid of that outdated bulky fax machine in the corner and stop wasting paper. Omni will convert any fax into PDF and send it to you via email.

Call Recording

Choose either to have all calls recorded or just some extensions. Giving you access to the call logs allows you to simply and securely download those important calls.

Music On Hold

With a choice of our royalty free music or your very own professional recordings ,you can upload your files to omni and keep you callers entertained while they wait.


With statistics built in you can see how well you team are performing right down to the individual user, allowing you to staff correctly and not waste money on quiet days.

Call Queue's

On those busy days you don't want to loose any business when you cant get to the phone. Omni offers a queue so you can make sure you serve your customers correctly.


Design and build automated attendants and upload you recording to the cloud. IVR's can help direct a caller efficiently without disturbing your staff.

Lockdown Facility

Perfect for education, Omni now offers a lockdown facility. A simple press of a button will alert all handsets warning of any unwanted intruders.

Choose from a stylish selection of the latest handsets

In Business first impressions are everything. Choose from a large range of great looking handsets which have been selected to suit anybody’s price range.

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